12 foot snooker table

The 12 foot snooker table is the official size of a full size snooker table. It is also the size that professional snooker players compete on. If you have the space for this size table, it is the purest form of the game and we highly recommend it for your maximum pleasure.


Table Size 6′ Wide x 12′ Long
Playing Surface 70″ Wide x 140″ Long
Table Frame Mahogany Wood
Table Slates Imported from Brazil
Pockets Leather, Cotton, and Brass

Included with this table:

  • 1 Cloth
  • 1 Triangle
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 set of chalk (12)
  • 2 cross rests
  • 1 snooker technique evaluation from a professional snooker coach


Factory Location Canada
Delivery Options Worldwide
Warranty Offered Lifetime
Installation Services Available Upon Request
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